I am available to assist you with Wardrobe Audits/Edits and Planning, Personal Shopping, Special Event Shopping, Travel Wardrobe Shopping and Packing, Personalized Makeup Lessons and Image Updates.

Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping Sacramento

Be confident that you are investing wisely with your wardrobe dollars. I will make sure the pieces you purchase support your lifestyle, enhance your coloring, flatter your figure and suit your personality. I will also suggest pieces that are interchangeable, providing you with more versatility.  Learn time-saving strategies that help you find what you need quickly and get you in and out of the store fast.  I’ll teach you where to save, where to splurge and how to get the most for your money.

Wardrobe Audit/Edit & Planning

Wardrobe Audit

On average women wear only 10% of what is in their closet. Find out how to avoid wasting the other 90% and make smart choices with your clothing purchases. Together we will go shopping in your closet and I will help you put together outfits that flatter your coloring, silhouette and facial features. It will be fun and educational as I provide you with helpful tips on how to save money and simplifying your wardrobe. I can show you how to put together a wardrobe for business, casual, evening wear or travel using the Capsule Concept.  This is a European way of dressing that gives you more outfit combinations from fewer pieces.  Now you can enjoy wearing everything in your closet while save money.  Who wouldn’t want that? My closet organizing skills rival that of any professional organizer.  I’ll give you tips on how to make your closet space work harder for you.  Let’s clear the clutter so you can enjoy a wardrobe that works!

Special Event Shopping

Special Event Look

Going somewhere special?  A wedding, anniversary, reunion, prom, special event or celebration?  Need a hand putting together an outfit with that “wow” factor?  I will help you find the right outfit and accessories for a one-of-a-kind look that makes heads turn.


Travel Wardrobe Shopping

Packing for Vacation

Together, we will plan your travel wardrobe and select items that fit your destination, climate and activities.  Using the Capsule Concept we will choose pieces that will allow you to get multiple outfits out of a few pieces and accessories, making packing a breeze.


Makeup Lessons


Learn how to apply makeup that harmonizes with your coloring using professional tools to achieve a flawless, natural look. I will teach you all my tips and tricks for looking fabulous. Your choice of: casual, evening, special event or work.


Image Updates

Image Update Collage

Keep current with up-to-date information on fashion and makeup trends each spring and fall. This is the perfect time to freshen your look. You will get an overview of all the latest fashion trends and colors along with my recommendations for what works with your coloring and silhouette, a mini-facial, suggestions for dealing with seasonal skincare challenges, and a cosmetic update in the new fashion colors that harmonize with your coloring.

With this information you can build on what you know works for you, making small changes where needed to updated your look. All of this will help you project success in every area of your life. Bring your color palette to experiment with new color combinations.

Individual or group appointments available.

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